Why you aren’t creative all the time

I often encounter artists who are having a crisis of confidence because they aren’t super productive all the time, and perhaps comparing themselves to others who seem to be!

In our mechanised, industrial world it can be easy to expect your creativity to follow a pattern of being ‘on all the time’ – turn up in your studio every day, make good art, put it out there, repeat.

Except you’ve no doubt found that isn’t really how it works!

In this video I talk about how creativity is a natural, cyclical process which comes from the same source as a growing seed, the weather in your area today, the seasons…..

I talk about how to recognise which stage you are in, and how to keep your creativity going when you are in the ‘I’m not creating anything’ phase.


If this resonates with you, you may feel called to join us on ‘Into the Spiral’ – my first online course introducing JourneySpiral, a new technique for creative people which I’ve been working on for the past year!

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