You can do the Thing (a poem by me) 

You can do it scared.

You can do it ‘not good enough’.

You can do it sick and hurting.

You can do it with kids.

You can do it single.

Even with *your* family,

You can do it. 

You can do it friendless.

You can do it devastated by grief.

You can do it broke.

You can do it ‘not qualified to’.

You can do it absolutely terrified.

If you messed it up last time,

You can do it this time.

You can do it depressed.

You can do it 

Not believing you can do it.
You may not know how

You will do it.

It may take longer.

The route may wander.  A lot. 

It may feel really, really hard.

It may look nothing

Like you thought it would.
You can Trust me on this. 
You will do the Thing. 

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