You have the right to……. Enchanted Boundaries

enchanted boundaries


You have the right to

Set your own boundaries, exactly where you think they should be.

You have a right to protect those boundaries, fiercely.

You have permission to claim

Your own space – in your home, the space around you when you are talking to people, your own chair to sit in, your own piece of garden, your own creative work/play space.

Time for your creativity and the other things that make you feel good – even if they aren’t ‘productive’ or ‘useful’ to anyone but you.

Privacy to explore your own thoughts, feelings and ideas without having to explain them to anyone.

Time on your own, without partner, kids, pets, friends, family etc

You have permission to

Spend your money on things that support you – even if they are costly, even if you don’t share them.

Go on adventures, with friends, family, pets, partner, kids – or solo.

Go outside and breathe.

Express how you are really feeling.

Ask for help.

Say ‘No’ without having to explain yourself.

Leave when you are ready to leave.

Focus your time, energy and resources on things that make you feel wonderful.

You have the right not to

Be available to anyone, at any time, regardless of what you are doing or how you are feeling.

Allow people to suck your energy and time with things that don’t matter to you.

Spend time with people who trigger negativity in you.

Take part in activities which you don’t enjoy.

Communicate in ways that feel uncomfortable for you – if you hate phones, you don’t need to use them.  If you don’t want to use social media, that’s fine.

Explain your lifestyle choices to people.  It’s your life.  It’s not a democracy.

What other things do you give yourself permission for today?  What boundaries do you set?  Please share with me over on Facebook or Tweet me!


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