Your life can be amazing

It can, you know.

Not if you buy this or that product, find all the answers, or wear these clothes, or lose weight, or follow this or that belief system or practice, or eat this type of food, or join this club.  These things are all helpful, but they’re not what will make your life amazing.

Your life can be amazing if you open up to creating it.

When you believe you are a Creative Being.  Because, dear fellow human, you ARE.

When you allow yourself to play.

When you use your magically unique gifts.  Use them to serve your community, connecting, supporting and helping those around you until you’ve spun a web of wondrous friendship and service which everyone will remember.

When you add glitter, and colour, and a pinch of silliness to even the smallest  task.

When you say THANK YOU to the universe, or whatever it is you chose to thank, for the extraordinary privilege of being alive today.

When you do what it is your heart is calling you to do.

When you stop long enough to listen to your true calling, and name it, and claim it as your own.

When you find that you are courageous like a fearsome lion, even though your knees are about to give way.

When you learn to say ‘No’ firmly and kindly.

When you learn to say a holy, heartfelt YES to the things that make you shiver with delight.

When you forgive those who have wronged you – not so that they can wrong you again but so that you can be free from them forever.

When you wear exactly what you want, eat as much as makes you truly glad, do the exercise that’s fun for you, the work that you adore and give of yourself to people who truly appreciate you.

When you gaze up at the sky in breathless wonder.

When you climb trees even though you are wearing the wrong shoes.  Maybe kick off the shoes.

When you accept, cradle and snuggle up to all your foibles, faults, weak spots, petty flaws and hurt places – loving yourself unconditionally with everything that’s ‘wrong’ and utterly unloveable about you.

When you can love others and everything that’s ‘wrong’ and utterly unloveable about them too.

When you can realise your faults, messes, vulnerabilities and hurt places are the more precious thing about you.

When you can look at a photograph of yourself and remember good times with a warm glow, not judge yourself because you look fat, or old, or badly dressed.  When you can see those thoughts flit across your mind with patience and send them on their way.

Then bask in the memory.

When you can appreciate the beauty of your own radiant smile.

When you remember all the things that made you giggle with delight when you were younger, and realise that now you are grown up you don’t need anyone’s permission to do them any time you want.

When you look back at the child you were with perfect love.  

When you realise you’re creating everything as you go, in your own powerful amazing mind.  Not in any woo-woo-airy-fairy way but in a very real sense, because you can choose what you move towards, what you move away from and how you react to everything.

Even if you can’t control a single other thing in life (and you can’t).

When you don’t care that your socks don’t match, or your house is messy, or your library books are late.

When you recognise that it’s sometimes fun to be a bit naughty.  It is, you know.

When you look at your reflection and see an honest being.  A free being.  An authentic being who gives back to the world and makes it beautiful.

Even on grumpy days.

When you realise that life isn’t perfect, but it really is, in a way.

When you pick up a paintbrush or pen, dip it in your innermost self and write it large upon the world in a glorious, brave act of sharing.  Because your art will be lost forever if you don’t. 

When you forgive yourself if sometimes you can’t do any of these things and you don’t feel in the least bit amazing.

When you realise your life has been amazing all along since the instant you came into being.  That you are, in fact, totally amazing and always have been.


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    Your life can be amazing — 16 Comments

    1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!!

      And you know what? You’re unearth course started me off on a new journey last year and I haven’t looked back since, I’ve achieved new goals, improved my outlook and become a person that people know as positive and happy instead of negative and riddled with fears!

      It’s all doable and I am SO grateful to the universe and to you Jani, for opening a little portal for me to step through into positivity.

      I love you. xxXXxx

    2. Oh my, how much do I adore this??!

      Jani, it’s like you wrote a manifesto of my own creed … and what I preach on a daily basis to clients, friends, actually anyone who’ll listen lol

      I’d love to send it to the luvlies on my list … with full linky luv back to you of course.

      Would that be ok?

      Utterly delighted to have found you, heart-sister.

      the goddess known as Jacqui

    3. Agree! Agree! Was working with kiddie winks today and we had pure fun 🙂 jolly good to be a little bit silly. I don’t need to be around kids to be silly tho! i feel very happy when i let the playful side of me loose.. I like silly,cheeky and naughty! Oh and glitter. Thanks Jani for the post 🙂

    4. Wow- this is such an amazing post- thank you so much! Remembering to find the fun and creativity in everything you do is so important, and one that I can easily forget.

      Thank you Jani!

      Katie x

    5. thanks again Jani…. I’m passing this along to my fb group, printing it off to read on days I forget.