Kindness as strength

One thing that could change everything:

Treat the people who are kind to you with respect.

We’re too good at taking advantage of kind people and behaving more honourably towards those who bully and intimidate us. We punish people for being kind and gentle.

Let’s tear that down, shall we?

Let’s nurture kindness and let it grow.

I’m in a process of ongoing dismantling of my own poor treatment of gentler humans, and of finding a way to be strong and kind at the same time. I am nowhere near discovering how to do that, in fact I am right now at the stage where I am just painfully aware of where this isn’t working for me in my life, my work and my relationships. It feels like it is worth doing the work to move through this and find another way, though.

I’m not about to stop caring about people and behaving compassionately, so I need to find a way to be that way without projecting weakness.

We don’t have enough role models of gentle leaders. We need those.

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