5 Days of Enchantment – Day 4

It’s day four of the 5 Days of Enchantment eCourse and the last of our elements.

Using the simple act of drinking water or taking a shower to empower our creative essence, this is one of the strongest and simplest practices I have – I do hope you enjoy it, too!

If you enjoyed this playshop, you will adore the Everyday Enchantment eCourse in which I share every one of my creative, symbolic and playful practices covering all areas of life, in 12 steps.

Enchanted Blogalong

Some inspiring creatives will be blogging about their own journey through these exercises – check them out here!

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5 Days of Enchantment – Day 4 — 5 Comments

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  2. Hello again

    I just did my fourth enchantment and Instead of plain water here’s what I did. I was dying for a cuppa tea but as I am not allowed to drink any, besides other things, in preparation for my radioactive iodine therapy (part of my cancer treatment), I got a mug of hot water and popped in some mint and rosemary which I grow in my balcony, plus a thin slice of lemon; waited for it to cool and drank along with you. As I was drinking, I was noticing how lovely the water looked with the herbs swilling around in it; almost ethereal. It also made it extra special because I grew the herbs. Never thought to do this in the two weeks of my tea depraved existence! Go figure. That enchanting exercise boosted my flagging energy a little and I am getting off my sofa right this minute to make the raspberry cream sponge my daughter was craving all week. Thanks very much dear dear Magical Jani.

  3. Tea is indeed the perfect ritual – for me it’s water and earth, plus the air and sunlight the plant used – perfect balance! You’re reminded me, I must share my tea ceremony soon!

  4. That’s exactly how I feel about tea and I find it forces me to breathe deeply when i inhale the wonderful aroma, and when the warmth travels from my lips to my belly when I take a sip. It magically quiets my brain and heart. Can’t wait to hear about your tea ceremony.