5 Days of Enchantment – FREE

5 days of enchantment cover image_edited-15 days of Enchantment is a mini course in simple, easy to action practices to bring you back to centre in the midst of a busy life.

Use these techniques to feel more in control of your creative time, access inspiration and feel motivated.

Each 10 minute video playshop shares three practices:  One you can do wherever you are, one activity which will bring your extra Enchantment when you go outside, and one creative exercise.

Join in now to feel more inspired, more connected to your creativity and empowered to find time, energy and inspiration – it’s free!

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5 Days of Enchantment – FREE — 2 Comments

  1. Yes im having a few life problems at the moment so maybe a five days Enchantment is just what I need . Iv kind of lost my way .. Thankyou x