5 quick creativity boosters

I thought I’d share some of my very quick and easy ways to get creativity flowing!

1) Time travel

Go back, or forward in time – imagine a situation in the future, or go back to the past and create as your younger self.  A good method I like is to draw a picture of yourself now, as if you were 8 or 80 years old.  Moving in time frees the mind from a lot of limits and travelling back to childhood, or forward to an unknown future, sparks the imagination very powerfully.

2) Play like a small child with new crayons

Let go of the outcome and just play, muck about and doodle.  By having expectations of your creativity, you may stifle it – most of us aren’t creative under pressure!  

3) Turn the “bad stuff” into inspiration

Warning – this can be a trap!  See my previous blog post about relying on ‘bad’ life events to inspire you.  

However, I often find that starting with a rant about how uninspired I feel can loosen up the creative muscles!  Just don’t get too caught up in it – it’s a short jump from using something as inspiration to having a good old wallow.

4) Steal the first line or subject from somebody else

I always laugh at creative advice that tells you to sit down in front of a blank page, or blank canvas, and just write/paint anything.  

There is nothing more intimidating to a stuck artist than a blank page.  Use the first line of somebody else’s poem (take it out later!), or a subject or image from another person’s work to start you off.

5) Give it a rest

Creativity can be coaxed, nurtured and drawn out, but it can’t be forced.  If your process feels forced, take a break, have some tea, do something else for a bit and come back to it.


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