AugustMoon13 – Intentions

I’m taking part in the AugustMoon blogging challenge, today’s prompt is:-

How have you treated yourself this year?

All in all, I can only say ‘improving’.  I aim to treat myself as I would my most beloved friend, and sometimes it works but mostly not so perfectly!

Today, I shall focus on today, when I’ve made some real inroads into LETTING GO of some of the things I do, giving myself more time to be on my own (something I seem to need more and more at the moment) and time to get paint and glue and glitter on my hands.

Have you kept your intentions?

Overall, yes, the intentions I made at the start of this year are being kept, although the work and creative ones better than the self-care ones.  But getting there!

Now, as one of my intentions was to spend less time on the computer, I’m off to enjoy a healthy (almost on time!) meal and relax for a few hours, because that’s what I’d tell my best friend to do!



AugustMoon13 – Intentions — 2 Comments

  1. Ohhhh how much do I understand “improving” and “letting go”! I know those far too well. Why is it the things that are the most important for us are the most difficult to do?!