B-School progress report

Well, I’ve done my first week of Marie Forleo’s B-School after winning the scholarship and am in Week 2, and as promised here is an update.


Bik and I wearing our director hats – gorgeous, si?

I’m going through the materials first with my Art House director hat on, as this bricks and mortar business is the one I know best, and the one which needs lots of focus this month.

As many people must have been, I worried about a couple of things, most of all that it might me too ‘corporate’ and ‘businessy’ for my taste.

However, having watched Marie TV for a few years and getting Marie’s newsletter, I wasn’t too worried – she’s very slick and knows her stuff, for sure, but she’s also funny and a wicked silly dancer.

Week 1 was a huge surprise.  Without giving away the course content (which would not be cricket), it was far more human than I was expecting.  After spending some time working out what our business model actually is, we moved right on to the clients – where I always say a business must focus, full on, all of the time.

Marie’s ‘Ideal Client’ exercise was deeper and more heart-opening than any I’ve ever done before and already it feels easier to write emails and blog posts, using the techniques I learnt last week.


The exercise involved conjuring up our ideal client…

I even ran an exercise in our weekly ‘Flutter’ (team meeting) at The Art House to get the rest of the crew involved in this part of B-School.

The Facebook group is friendly and very active, and I’ve hung out there a bit even though I am not a big one for group learning – I love figuring things out for myself and find other people’s ‘stuff’ can muddy the waters for me.  That’s just how I work.

This week, we’re on websites.  I have to admit that I enjoyed the touchy-feely stuff last week more than this week, but it is kicking me up the botty to update the new Art House website and make it more slick.

So, dear reader, that is my update!

Online learning is just such a powerful tool for people like me….. both the businesses I run have a similar aim (to get people delving deep into creative life!) – one is offline, one is online, but my mission is the same in both.

Both businesses are not like most other ones out there, and being able to connect through B-School and other online resources with entrepreneurs who do things for the love, but want to make the money (because money keeps it sustainable, after all!) is magic.

Doing this business thing is hard, it can be lonely, especially if you don’t know many others who are doing it.

One of the reasons I work with a very select group in The Forge online group is that I know how tricky it can be for creative entrepreneurs to set up, keep going and make money when there’s very little out there to support them.

I also adore working with our community at The Bubbling Well to share how to live creatively.  It isn’t just about the techniques for having time, or making money if you want to – it’s about the whole mindset needed to live as an artist.

The internet turned 25 last week, and I was raising a glass to this amazing community, connected through technology I don’t even understand, across the world!

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