BE the change – that’s a verb, right? 


You see this quote a lot.  It sounds nice, but in action, it is an unstoppable force. 

The word ‘Be’ is the clue.  It’s a verb.  Verbs are doing words!  They mean ACTION!

This is what ‘be the change’ looks like. 

A) If you see somebody doing something awesome to change the world, support them.  Offer them a hand, give them an encouraging word, make them a cup of tea, or cook them dinner. This can make more difference than you can imagine.

B) If there is something that needs doing in your community, either do it yourself as best you can, or find somebody already doing it and … (Refer to point A).  This can be as small as picking up litter on your dog walk each day to fundraising for a whole new community centre.

C) If you think something should change, act now to change it.

D) Small actions count!

E) If you think your MP/Councillor/representative is doing a rubbish job, vote for a better candidate.  Support their campaign.  Stand for election yourself if there isn’t a better candidate!  Start a group, start a petition, start a whole movement.  Don’t sit at home whining about it.  Seriously.

You are bigger and more powerful than you think.

You are bigger and more powerful than you think.

F) Live your according to your values.  If you think children shouldn’t make clothes in factories or pick cocoa beans, don’t buy those clothes and chocolates.  Buy the ethical ones, even if it means buying less.  You’ll live just fine with less.  Trust me.

G) Speak up when you see something bad happening to people, animals or planet.  You have a voice and eyes for a reason.  Be an ally and an advocate for those who need you.

H) Stop worrying about doing points A – G perfectly.  You will falter, mess up and fail.  (Example – I misquoted Ghandi a little in the illustration – it’s ‘wish to see’ not ‘want to see’ – but I used it anyway, I don’t think he’d mind, really).  You will fall short of your own high standards – so what?  That’s no reason not to try at all!  Imperfect people and their imperfect words and actions change the world every day.  There are no superheros or other mythical saviours – there’s just us imperfect humans.

I) Other people will ignore, criticise and outright attack you at some point.  This is a good sign – it means you are changing things.  It’s also OK to feel hurt by this, just don’t let that stop you.

J) Remember, as a person wealthy and privileged enough to be reading this on a device of some kind connected to the Internet, you have more power and freedom than most people on the planet do.  Use it.

K) Stop playing small.  It doesn’t serve you or anyone else.  Get up.  Get busy.  Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.  If you think what you can offer is too insignificant, refer to point (D)

L) Every single reason you have for not starting right now is an excuse.  Call BS on your excuses.  Stop wasting your time on this earth by blaming things outside you for your lack of action – refer to points C and K.  Get busy.

That’s just over half the alphabet for ya.   You’re welcome!

M – Z are missing because you’re going to have to write those yourself.  I’m off to change the world (after I’ve had breakfast).

In solidarity and love, and cheering you on every step of your amazing journey



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