Boat trips, fans and office space…

Sometimes, I just want to blog general life stuff rather than wait on some big ol’ topic to share with you. That’s what I’m doing now! The heatwave in the UK continues, it’s blinkin’ nutty hot, for us at least, and it has turned the running into walks-and-other-things-that-won’t-actually-kill me. Odd thing is, I am looking forward to it cooling off so I can run some more! 10559828_812856685415604_597330894109233375_nI’m rocking a fan to keep cool, which works to an extent and is handy for making large gestures whilst talking, or hiding behind. On our Monday ‘Sabbath’ we headed off once more into the lovely New Forest for lunch at Buckler’s Hard, followed by a boat cruise on the Beaulieu river, with a hysterically funny guide who had a proper announcer voice. 10400875_812562615445011_3154391280619172846_n

The announcer voice so inspired Bik that he continued to narrate the rest of the day, including making me a sandwich for supper.

He is a silly man.

Last of all, this week, I am thunking thoughts about sharing an office with some pals, including Jude of Judelicious.

Honestly, despite having my gorgeous little yellow studio for art, I find that working downstairs in the main part of the house is just too full of distractions for me to get much done.

Jani needs a room of her own.

My head is literally stuffed with ideas for eCourses and new content at The Bubbling Well, so I need some time set aside – not time squished in around everything else – to get it all out and onto paper.


Time and space, of course, are closely related and not just in the world of science.  When one has a space to work in undisturbed, time suddenly expands magically and you get lots and lots done.

Running The Art House (with all my fine co-running-peeps of course) takes up a lot of time and energy, and with Bik being at home with me when I’m working, Art House stuff encroaches onto my-biz stuff.

I will be mid newsletter and be asked a question about a gig date in October.

Which leads to growling and sometimes shouting, and a loss of momentum in my typing.

Even as I type this, at The Art House, peeps are popping in to say hello (which, you know, ROCKS and all) and it means this post will take an hour instead of 30 minutes or so.

In the short term, my chum Ruth is off to Cornwall for a few weeks and I am going to use her house as a base to retreat and get some shizzle DONE!

In the long term, an office and eventually the magic pixie house at the bottom of the garden. It will look a little like this……

Well, maybe not with a shower - who knows?

Well, maybe not with a shower or privvy – who knows?

But at the moment the site looks not a lot further on from this……

Loadsa rubble....

Loadsa rubble….

Watch this space, for what happens with …. my space!

Now, I’m off downstairs to grab a cool drink and watch the magnificent Ricky Tart.

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