5 Days of Enchantment welcome

Welcome to 5 Days of Enchantment.

This is a mini, 5-day eCourse for you, to introduce you to some simple practices to bring more Enchantment into your everyday life.

Do share over in the Spiral Well Facebook group on the 5 Days of Enchantment thread, and see what others are up to as well!

I am so pleased you have joined me for this journey!

This mini eCourse can be done over five days, or all in one go, or over more time that that – whatever suits you is just perfect.

You can skip exercises which don’t resonate with you.

You can share in the Spiral Well Facebook group, or you can work through the materials solo.

There are five video playshops, each about 10 minutes long.  I have created a Playbook to go with the course too, which is free to all members of my Patreon community – to find out more about supporting me through Patreon, please click here.

The exercises are simple, they are do-able and they don’t require any major lifestyle or belief changes (whew!).

They are also very powerful if you let them be.

Give yourself the chance to experience them, by working through this mini course at your own pace.

Most of all, as my Mum likes to point out, the most important thing is: Enjoy yourself!

Day 1 – Earth

Day 2 – Air

Day 3 – Fire

Day 4 – Water

Day 5 – Creative Essence

I have created a printable Playbook to accompany this course for everyone in my Patreon community.  Join and get this and other extra goodies each month!