Does your artistic side get a little stagnant from time to time?

Do you have big creative dreams, but want support to reach them?

The Bubbling Well creativity circle is an online space created especially to get your moving  from stuck to flowing with the help of me, Jani Franck, and a tribe of other creative souls.

The Bubbling Well is full of resources for you to:

* Find the time, space and resources to be more creative.
* Build your confidence to make and share your art.
* Overcome creative fears.
* Find your own unique creative voice.
* Get (and stay) motivated.
* Dream, set goals, plan, and take action!
* Find an audience for your creative work.
and even…..
* Make money doing the art that you love to do.

As a premium member, you are also able to join in with eCourses – all included in one price – and access extra resources for your development.

Basic membership is free and gives you:

– Access to the ‘Wellhouse Cafe’ forum
– ‘UnEarth your Creative Nature’, a free eCourse.
– Access to the library and back catalogue of free resources and mini tutorials.

Premium ‘Fireside’ membership, gives you:

– All of Jani’s eCourses and eKits, this includes any new ones!
– Access to premium forums including
* Fireside, a social space exclusive to paid members with a special ‘ask Jani’ section!
* The Healing Spring, a virtual self care spa for sharing deliciousness!
* The Orchard, a place where we explore the seasons creatively with art and journal prompts, visualisations and simple crafty activities.
* Taliesin’s Well, where we delve deep into our creative selves for massive transformation!
* The Bucket Store, a place to get to the bottom of tricky tech stuff by sharing our knowledge.
* The Souk, a marketplace where you can share your wares with everyone else in the community, do market research and network with other creative businessfolks.

Fireside membership costs just £60 (approx $99) per year

Or you can spread the payment with three monthly installments of £24 (approx $39)


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