My Credo

Life is art is art is life is awesome.

Creativity belongs to everyone, everyone is an artist, everyone can make beauty.

Stick with the things and people you love.

Blow bubbles and throw glitter.

Go easy on the judgement, but be discerning and keep your BS detector on at all times.

Art doesn’t fit in boxes – neither do artists.

Drawing helps you look at things properly, which is important, so draw often even if you don’t think you draw well.

You are on the right path even if you don’t realise it.

Just make the art, stop making the excuses!

Speak truth, but do it politely.

Drink tea out of a proper pot – it’s come a long way, respect that journey!

Reserve the right to change your mind and to make mistakes.

You don’t stop making art when you put your pen/paintbrush/instrument down.

While your legs still work (or even if they don’t), GET UP AND DANCE.  While your hands still work, CREATE.  While your voice still works SING and SPEAK OUT.

Oh, and wear silly hats as often as you can, obviously.



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