Doodle interview time with Andrea from Bringing back Awesome & Homage Style

I love to talk to others who are doing daring and creative things in the world, and Andrea has two blogs I just love.

Homage Style celebrates creativity in the home – not in the fancy, ‘dream’ home but in the ordinary homes so many of us live in.

As a creative, albeit very messy, homekeeper myself, her blog appeals to me in it’s quirky honesty, and use of recycled goodies (I just love that!).  I have promised to feature my home as a ‘Roadtrip’ special, someday soon when I can photograph it on a good day 🙂

Bringing Back Awesome is a glittering blog of positivity and celebration, shouting the awesomeness of ‘ordinary’ people from the rooftops.  Andrea and her cousin Denise write this blog and I just love it!

Without further ado, here are Andrea’s answers to my doodle interview questions…..

If you cannot view the slideshow, the images are below.  Enjoy!

Huge thanks to Andrea for this interview!

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