Enchanted mornings: small steps to everyday enchantment

Confession time.

I do not wake up every morning bright eyed and bushy tailed, leaping out of bed at 5am for an hourlong meditation, hot water and lemon and a green smoothie followed by another hour of yoga.

I know, I know, that’s not what you were expecting, right?  We lifestyle-guru-advice-giving-types are SUPPOSED to have hardcore morning routines that are the secret to all our success. breakfast

Some mornings, I manage a walk, or yoga, and a healthy breakfast.  Meditation is a rare event (I really am not that great at it, which I think is why it’s called a ‘practice’!)

Some mornings – well, I don’t.  The only constant to my morning ritual is breakfast with a parrot (you should try it sometime!).

Surely somebody who runs an arts venue, cafe and gallery plus an online business AND makes art must have some spectacular ritual, strict routine and live on raw wholefoods in order to do it, right?

I must be, like, so positive and happy all the time, right?


NOT my typical morning!

NOT my typical morning!

Sure, if I did all of those things I might skip a few bad days.  I might feel more energetic and Bik may get to meet the snappy-Jani-from-Hell a little less often.

But I don’t expect, or try to make, life perfect.  I’m not that kind of lifestyle-guru-advice-giving-type.  If that’s the type of mentor you need, I’m probably not your gal.

I like to meet you right where you are right now, from a place of right where I am right now.  Which might be a very messy place, and involve being a major crankypants.

It may include waking up late, lounging in bed watching rubbish on Youtube and scoffing a hot cross bun washed down with black coffee before dragging my grumpy butt to my dream job.

When I wasn’t doing my dream job, my mornings looked rather similar (minus parrot), although there were considerably more of the coffee-and-a-bun versions.

I could have waited, of course, until I’d got my morning routine down pat, every day, before trying to start my dream business, before making and exhibiting my art, before doing any of my dream stuff.  I probably would have found the whole process easier, and smoother, and even more enjoyable.

I’m not knocking healthy morning routines, they are fabulous things.  I’m just saying the days where they don’t happen can also be wonderful days.

I’m saying that if, like me, you fall down, disappoint yourself, get it all terribly wrong and fail to meet your highest standards a lot of the time, you can still live a truly purposeful, creative, beautiful life.

Yes, if you manage to get your health and emotions into a better place, you will find everything does get easier and more joyful.

Problem is, it also puts conditions on your dreams. I’ll live my dreams when……. when I change my diet, when I lose half a stone, when I become this healthy, positive paragon I’d love to be.  When I have enough money, a perfect boyfriend, a cob cottage in the woods….. THEN I’ll start trying for my dreams.

Like all humans (the honest ones, anyway!) I wake up grumpy, tired, sad, unmotivated and just plain ornery some days.

I’ve found that forced positivity doesn’t cut the mustard when this happens.  Cranky days are part of life, after all! Try this morning practice (no hour long yoga required – though if you feel inclined by all means, do!)

Enchanted morning practice:

When you wake up, take a minute to note your state of mind – not so that you can judge, ignore or change it, but so that you can lovingly adapt your actions and reactions to what YOU choose your day to be like.

This practice is about self-acceptance and real self-love:  not trying to shove your emotions into an acceptable shape, but adjusting your day to nurture ‘where you are right now’ – which is exactly a perfect place to be, and a perfect starting point for whatever art, project or life change you want to move towards.

It’s about accepting your current state, without letting it wash out over your life and those around you, trapping you where you don’t want to be.  We can choose how we act, every day, but it must be done from a place of loving REALNESS.

As Bik puts it (and he puts it so well) ‘You can feel like sh*t and do it anyway – Namaste!’

If you enjoyed this post and practice, you will LOVE the Everyday Enchantment eCourse – 12 weeks of very do-able, very down-to-earth practices to move you towards more creativity, more inspiration and more time, space and resources for your dreams.

Please share your simple morning practices in the comments section – I’d love to hear them!

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