Enchanted Note: If your Christmas is less than Enchanting!

A note for you, if you need it:

I know it’s meant to be the most magical time – and it’s not de rigeur to mention otherwise – BUT.

If your sadness is triggered by this time of year, if you are alone or feel alone with the people you are with.

If you are parted from the ones you love.

Lights in the dark - for you.

Lights in the dark – for you.

If you are ill in body, mind or both.

If you are having to pretend all is well when it really isn’t.

If your finances are so stretched you don’t know how you’ll make it through this season.

If somebody you love died this year and everything about Christmas makes you miss them so much it hurts -physically.

I’ve been there (bereaved, alone, broke, sick, faking it) and still am there (away from most of my loved ones) and I am sending you this little note to let you know that you are in my thoughts and heart.

Be really kind to yourself. Give yourself all the love, rest and care you need. Accept your feelings however unacceptable they seem.

If you can, reach out to somebody near to where you are so you don’t have to do this alone. Get support. Pick up the phone, go and see somebody, talk to those around you.

(I adore online connection but real life talking is irreplaceable).

Journal it out. Make art. Listen to music, sing and dance.

Know that whatever is happening in your life right now is fine, it’s going to be fine, don’t get sucked into comparisons with ‘how it’s meant to be at Christmas’.

This will not last, you will survive this, happy times are ahead.

Sending you love – hang in there x

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