Feet on the ground, heart in the stars: My take on enchantment!

I’ve always been interested in magic and what is often called spirituality, in one way or another.  Raised in a Christian household, I loved the ritual and symbols of faith, but found organised religion didn’t really suit me as I grew older and commenced a search for something that did.

Whilst I was drawn to the ideas of magic – that something deeper, more mysterious and more meaningful was at work in the world than the everyday – I also found it hard to reconcile these feelings with the scientific facts I respected and which fascinated me.

For me, the things that science has uncovered about the universe have always been truly magical and wondrous, all the more so for being explored, questioned and explained.

Now, before I go any further, I don’t disrespect the spiritual beliefs of others – although in my experience merely saying ‘this is not for me’ may offend some people.  I can’t really answer for that, I’m afraid.  What I write about here is my own take in things, for the people who may find some of it resonates with them, too.

What I was searching for was a meaningful path, free from the need to join a group, and away from the requirement that I believe in the ‘supernatural’ or deny the evidence of science.

You see, I didn’t really want to think about life after death – I was more interested in the process 621810_10151107272143118_876480036_oof living!  Otherworldly ‘magic’, or the idea that stars billions of light years away that went supernova before the earth was formed determined my personality didn’t work for me, either.

That stuff just didn’t resonate.  It didn’t fit with how I saw the world, no matter how hard I tried to make it.

But the rituals and traditions often did.  The need to be able to create a special time, or space using sacred symbols was still there.  Lighting a candle, or some incense, carrying out a ceremony to mark an event, these are things I think we all need to understand and appreciate the great mystery of life.

1512644_740480302653243_1221673684_nAtheism or humanism, for me, was too far the other way:  denying even the possibility of something more than the physical world.  

I wasn’t quite ready for that, either!

I found myself drawn to the simple, natural practices of earth-based spirituality.

Celebrating nature, the cycle of life and death, and the seasons.

In treating these very real things:  seasons changing, growing plants, the natural world, as sacred, I feel connected with a source of life.

On this path, I’m not required to actually believe in deities, an afterlife or anything I didn’t want to in order to enjoy the traditions of traditional, nature-loving spirituality.

For my personal journey, this is ideal!

So – what does this kind of spirituality actually look like?

By seeing nature as sacred, many everyday activities have become very special, connecting 250778_10151189815120769_581055544_nme with the greater web of life and brining comfort in difficult times.

Well, a lot of my ‘practices’ are very down to earth.  Cooking a special meal from homegrown vegetables.  Sharing bread with friends.  Walking in the woods on a full moon.  Feeding the wild birds in my garden.  Even my compost bin is a source of deeper meaning – recycling the old into the new!

I think in this time of ecological uncertainty, a greater connection to our natural selves is so important.

Here is a little connection ritual for you to use if you’d like to, using the traditional elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit.  I’ve based it loosely on some of the traditional Druid rituals I’ve found, but removed any reference to Gods/Goddesses and otherworldly beings.

Click here to download an Everyday Enchantment printable ritual, which can be adapted according to YOUR personal belief system (I don’t mind at all!)

Click to view and download!

Click to view and download!

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  1. Thank you Jani for this.. it really resonated with me. I feel I am embracing this journey now too. I am married to a Christian Minister, was involved with the Church for a long time .. embraced a new age path for a while and now feel drawn to Earth based spirituality, as I too think there is a ‘magic’ in science too. Atheisim is not for me either, as its too deductionist. Thank you for this, looking forward to starting the journey of enchantment.. Lynne x