Is Follow the Butterflies for me? What will it be like?

‘Follow the Butterflies’ is a playful, creative journey to find your Big Creative Dreams!

Using simple journalling techniques and easy-to-do actions and creative project, this eCourse is a great way to re-invigorate your creative self.

Here’s a little more about it….


Register now for just £19.90

You can take this course at any time, and will be able to connect via a private Facebook group to other people who are doing or have already done it, as well as get feedback and encouragement from Jani as you go!

This eCourse is for you if:

– you are frequently getting ‘stuck’ creatively and want to get your juices flowing
– you feel ready to step up or change tack, but are nervous about taking the first steps
– you feel the need for a creative community of likeminded souls
–  you want to take your creativity in a new direction – perhaps a change of art form, or a creative business
– you want to create the life of your dreams but you aren’t sure what it is!

You’ll be very surprised to discover

– That your inner artist is there all the time, just waiting to be embraced!
– How very simple exercises and techniques can transform your thinking and being
You’ll really enjoy
– meeting and sharing with others on the same journey
– the quick, simple and accessible course materials
– the different, manageable steps and stages of this exciting journey

What others have experienced

“I just want to say what an amazing impact doing Butterflies has had on the way I think about myself, my art, my life….I really didn’t expect it to have such a profound effect on me! No magic wand, but somehow it enabled me to cut through the crap that was holding me back, and find self belief and confidence in my abilities. And I realised that my dream creative life looks slightly different to how I envisaged it beforehand. I have to say that I really enjoyed being an active member of the FB group, and the support and encouragement of the other Butterflies who shared on there has been  amazing too.” – Debbie

“I experienced working with you (ESPECIALLY the combination of video and printed materials as a powerful catalyst on many levels where I experienced insight and change that I could not have accessed on my own…  I am now volunteering at a local gallery, have a class scheduled to teach, and an invitation to submit work to a gallerly in Seattle, Washington, as well as having completed a “body of work, a series of 18 pieces, that are truly my own work.”  Sheesh!!! How much was this class? Priceless.” – Cheryl Stevenson

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