How you actually manage to put the important things first!

You often see inspirational quotes, blog posts and images going around about ‘making the important things most important things’ in your life.

There’s also the handy visual analogy which often helps me of a jar full of stones.  If you first put in sand, then gravel, you won’t have space for the big stones.  You got it, the big stones are the most important things in your life, the gravel the less important things, the sand the lest important of all.  If you put the big stones in first, you can fit the gravel and pebbles around them.  This is a practical suggestion for doing this with your life priorities, rather than stones!

I love that these ideas are spreading (yay interwebz).  More people now know about prioritising the things that matter most to you, the trouble is that very often these ideas don’t come with a set of practical instructions how are you actually put this idea into practice in your life.

Here’s how you make sure that you get the important things done in your life first.

First, the top mistake folks make!

We often think we’ll find time for the important things in our lives by fitting them around our schedules, rather than fitting our schedules around the important things in our lives.

Here’s how you fix that:

Always (always!) make sure that you schedule the things that are a priority to you first – preferably a regular time.

Make sure that these appointments with your priorities are clear and non-negotiable.

Planning in advance and scheduling things in may seem like a mighty drag, especially to a creative person, but in truth it is immensely liberating.

Is your creative time important to you but you never actually get any?  Make a regular Sunday evening slot on your calendar and stick to it.  Family will soon get used to ‘Her art time’.

Friends a priority but you never see them?  Schedule in a regular coffee or outing to a gallery.

Want to go out and never do because ‘busy’ or ‘tired’?  That’s what weekends are for, my darling!

Regular appointments do need some flexibility in them to prevent you going off track if you miss one.  Missing one is fine, just get back on track next week, or make sure you reschedule for no more than a week ahead to catch up – I do this all the time!

Try this for a month and see how it changes everything.  Let me know how you get on.


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