In which I talk about cake and self acceptance 

I was thinking about cake.


Rich, dark, not everyone’s piece of cake ….

If you made a cake, a really good cake, an interesting sort of cake with fun decoration,  or a strongly flavoured, rich, intense chocolate cake like the one we serve at The Art House, and served it up to a group of people – a couple of people wouldn’t like the cake, and you would probably be fine with that.
In fact you’d be expecting it.

We know not all people like all sorts of cake. Some people don’t even like cake at all. Some people like cake but can’t manage a whole slice. Some folks might actually have an allergy or not be eating something that’s in the cake. Some people may just not be in the mood for cake (does that happen? Is that a thing?).

The safest cake – maybe a bland, light sponge with innocuous filling and not too much icing on the top – would probably please more people but not be particularly memorable. It would be an OK cake.

A cake that tried to cater for all dietary situations – being raw, paleo, carb free …. with no egg, dairy, gluten, nuts, seeds, alcohol or sugar would be, at some point, not a cake at all.   Possibly nobody would like that cake because it would be missing all the things that make a cake …….. well, cakey. *

IMG_5259.JPGWe know that there’s no cake in the world that everyone would like – and that attempts to make such a cake would end up with a very boring end product.

If we know this to be true – why do we expect everyone to like *us* and get upset when they don’t?

Why do we take out some of our essential ingredients and try to be plain and inoffensive in order to be liked?

There are even people who don't like lemon drizzle cake. For realz!

There are even people who don’t like lemon drizzle cake. For realz!

You wouldn’t expect that one cake to please everyone, so why put that pressure on yourself?

Be a fine, unusual cake with many subtle and unexpected flavours and bold icing colours. Add any ingredients that you love – a sprinkle of sarcasm, a dash of chattiness, a large helping of eccentricities of all kinds.

Not everyone will like you, of course, but you’ll be a much more interesting cake 🙂

Yay for cake.  

Is it too early for cake?  Cake for breakfast.  I’m doing it.

Cakey Disclaimer: 

* Gluten free/raw/vegan etc cakes can be utterly cakey and yum, oh gosh they can, but at some point if you try to take ALL the things out at once. the result is not a cake.  Trust me, I have tried!

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