It helps to have a vision so big ….

It helps to have a vision to high and wide and big it expands your heart and powers your mission.  

It helps to have a vision so impossibly perfect it drives you to uncover the very best version of yourself.  

It helps to accept you’ll never see your vision fully realised but to know it doesn’t matter if you never get to live in the world you are helping to create. 

A vision which fills you will unspeakable joy just to think it might be possible, one day. 

It really helps to know your vision will be realised through billions of tiny acts, so that you can do those acts each day of your precious life. 


A world of wild, free creators, where all are encouraged and supported to live to our very fullest potential.  

Humans embracing our true selves and all of Nature instead of trying to mechanise everything.  Exploring our cycles and genuine desires and our depths, dark and light. 

Equality.  The real kind – where we get to be really different from each other and hold vastly varied ideas of what a good life looks like, and still get to live our version of that good life. 

Realising that equality will come through practical as well as intellectual acts.  

This probably means: no borders, no wars, universal income for all, access to the basics of life, to education, transport, healthcare and housing for all.  
No fossil fuels, no pollution, lots of diverse and stable ecosystems left to get on with it with minimal human intervention.  Nature knows how to make the world beautiful. 

Community (not state!) owned business run for the good of the people, not profits.   All of us entrepreneurs of the heart, innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in products and services. 

A world of autonomous, loving, heart-led communities.   

All land held in trust and in common with most of it given over to wilderness.  

Minimal governance or large-scale organisation and that which does exist: totally accountable to all the people. 

‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one!’

What’s yours? 


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