Journal about your jobs


Jani reaching up towards an impossibly high rope swing in the woods

A very frustrating rope swing

Bik just posted this pic of me trying to reach the world’s silliest rope swing in the woods today.

One of our Art House regulars shared that when he was small he used to always fix and put up rope swings, he thought of it as his trade.

It made me think. Choosing a job when it has nothing to do with money can be an interesting thing to do
Here’s a journalling exercise for you:

What job did you choose for yourself when you were a child 

– in class at school 

– in your family at home 

– in your group of friends

What job do you choose for yourself now

– in your home

– at work (aside from what you’re officially paid to do)

– when you are away from home on holidays 

What job would you choose for yourself when you are much older than you are now

– in your community

– in your family and friendship groups

– in your local landscape

Do you like all those jobs?

Which one do you like least?

Which one do you like most? 

Were any of them the same at all stages of your life? 

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