Let’s get unconditional…..

I do a LOT of reading on how to live the creative dream.  My attitude has always been – we study how to do things like cook, drive and do maths, so why not study how to live life to the full and keep your creativity flowing?

Makes sense to me!

I have a great deal of respect for some of my favourite writers, including Leonie Dawson, SARK, Twyla Tharp, Dan Price, Clare Campbell and my chum Lisa Clark for inspiring and cheerleading my journey, giving me tips on how to be more creative and just generally showing me the possibilities out there.

The thing that comes through most strongly from all of these people is that you don’t need to be in a perfect place to start.

My BS detector is finely tuned, I like to think, and one thing that always sets it off is a list of ‘must haves’ before you can realise your potential.  You know – must have this book, must have these materials, must buy this really expensive thing, must have a perfect routine, must have a studio, must eat these foods, must follow this dogma, must have ……. blah blah blah.

Sure, there are many useful tools to be had out there and it’s certainly worth investing in learning and in good equipment, in developing yourself and in taking advantage of any resources you can.

Ultimately, though, here’s the thing.  Creativity needs to be pursued


Yep, you got it.  No conditions at all.  Like anything worth doing, you have to be prepared to do it whatever, whenever, however you can.

I was re-reading one of my favourite books, “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman, this morning.  In it, one of the characters talks to another one about the conman Canada Bill Jones who, when told that a card game he was playing was crooked, replied ‘Yeah, but it’s the only game in town.’

Life’s like that, you know.  Your life will never be perfect – there’ll be limitations, fears, frustrations, responsibilities and things you feel you lack.  You can work really hard to minimise these, but you’ll never get rid of them entirely and at some point it becomes more hassle that it’s worth, you know?

So, you have to realise and embrace the fast that the game will always be crooked.  But – it’s the only game in town.  So play it!

How do you get around ‘blocks’ and carry on creating anyway?  Please share in the comments section 🙂



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  1. When I wrote my strengths down (in a Jani creative consultation, do one, they’re fab :), a lot of them (if not all) came from things I’d considered to be a blocks or barriers to my making stuff at my full potential… go figure! 🙂
    I think most of the things that I find great joy in are also from the same sources….it’s kind of turning my head upside down a bit, but I’m reckoning that will be a good thing? 😉

    I also need to get unconditional about enbracing my creativity… it ain’t goin’ away any time soon after all!

    Not sure if any of that will make sense to someone outside of my head, but hey…
    I guess I mean that our perceptions of blocks aren’t always accurate, their other side could be bringing you lots of good stuff (like my having a few shelves in my teeny tiny front room for my art stuff has meant I’m putting it prettily in glass jars, would probably not have done that otherwise and it rocks! 😉

    Good stuff Jani as always, thanks! 🙂 xx