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Coming up at The Art House, Southampton!

AA – Artists’ Accountability four week course

Do you want to get your art ‘out there’ to more people, increase your reach and sales, but keep putting off the things you need to do to get there?    Working alone as an artist can be tricky, as there isn’t somebody checking that you complete the jobs you need to get done.

Four Wednesday afternoon sessions for self-employed creatives, each focusing on a different task to be completed to ‘up your game’.

By the end of these sessions you will appear more professional online, feel more confident with your online presence and should be seeing real results in the form of increased followers and SALES!

Jani will present a mini-workshop at the start, so that you know how to complete that week’s task.  You can come to all four sessions, or just the ones you feel you need.

There will also be plenty of time to connect with other artists, ask Jani questions, talk about what you are currently working on and drink tea.

7 August 2013 Week 1 – writing your artist’s statement & taking a profile portrait!

A mini-workshop on writing an artists statement, and a playsheet to take you through the process.

We’ll also be getting you out of your ‘comfort zone’ right away, by helping you to get a nice quality photo of yourself on your website, Facebook page and artist’s statement.  People like to see your face!

Make sure you are dressed in a way you’d like to be photographed for this session, and bring along any props, or a piece of your work.  The Art House camera will be set up so that you can have a good-quality pic taken, which will be sent to you right away as a digital file to use in your statement.

14 August: Week 2 – Facebook page, Twitter and blog.

From setting one up from scratch to improving what you have, this session will involve some 1-1 support with the basics, as well as a mini-workshop on what content you may like to include.

21 August: Week 3 – your artists’ CV and description of your process.

Working through how you talk about yourself and your work in an engaging way.

28 August: Week 4 (tbc) – photographing your work for sale.

Bring in some of your work for a mini-workshop in how it’s done, using simple equipment.

You will need to bring

– a laptop, if you have one.  We will have two on hand to borrow.
a notebook/journal/sketchbook and some coloured pens (we will provide some!)
some of your work, for the photograph sessions

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