Lost your focus? Here’s a playshop for you!

One of The Bubbling Well members, Maddie, recently asked what to do in those times when all your focus seems to have left the building.

First of all, these times where it feels like you are getting nowhere are part of the creative process.

Unlike more linear activities, creativity has ebbs and flows, and complete stillness sometimes!

This video playshop takes you through some simple journalling prompts to help you move forward when you are stuck.



If you want to get even more adept at keeping your creativity flowing, please check out my new JourneySpiral course, coming soon……

I’ve created this as a tool for creative people to get things DONE!


JourneySpiral goes way beyond being a time management or planning technique, it’s also more than an automated eCourse or downloadable resource.

It’s a guided process which works along with your natural creative ebbs and flows to keep you moving forward in your art and your life.

This journey starts on 31 July 2015 and is free to Spiral (premium) members.

For the first group journey, starting on 31 July 2015.

If you frequently get stuck when you want to do something creative, know what to do but can’t work up the motivation to do it, start good habits only to drop them and struggle to get focus, JourneySpiral will make a really big difference for you.

We’re starting this journey on 31 July 2015 with ‘Into the Spiral’ – an introduction and 2 week immersion in the JourneySpiral technique.

You will get:

* 14 days of course emails

* 3 Video playshops which you can watch any time (and keep!)

* Downloadable and printable PDFs to use in creating your own ‘JourneyBook’

* Access to the private JourneySpiral Facebook group, where I’ll be on hand to answer questions and where you can connect with others

* Scheduled live ‘Spiral Time’ in the Facebook group where we will hang out and share!

* ‘Into the Spiral’ guided visualisation to download and use again and again


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