My method, philosophy and terms of service

What I doIn short, I support people in getting more creative and I share my business knowledge gained from setting up a creative business and selling my own artwork.  This is my mission and this is what I am offering you here.  I do this by drawing on my experience and professional training, and I do know what I’m talking about (or, if I don’t, I will say so!).

My teaching methods

These can best be summed up by saying that I work from the heart, creatively and very intuitively, backed up with lots of real life professional experience, research, training and practice.

My approach and the materials I create for you are homegrown, handwoven and often quite spontaneous.   I am a fully trained teacher, a proven entrepreneur with a real life thriving business (you can visit if you like), and have 20+ years experience of being an artist as well as an art degree and nearly 15 years experience of teaching and supporting creative people for a living – but I am also very, very silly indeed and splendidly imperfect.
The best way to contact me and how long I may take to get back

The best way to contact me is always by email to or the contact form on this site.

I can and frequently do miss Facebook messages, wall posts, tweets, blog comments etc so please, if it’s important, send me an email.

I adore snail mail!  If you want to send me a physical item rather than an email, just post it c/o The Art House, 178 Above Bar Street, Southampton, UK SO14 7DW

I may take up to three working days to get back to emails to me.  Sundays and Mondays are my days off, so don’t expect a response on those days as I am probably up a tree or in my studio covered in paint & glitter.

I am not available to take phonecalls or talk to walk-in visitors at The Art House about any of the stuff I do here, sorry!


I work from a place of authenticity and I deliver what I promise, which is always the best I can make for you.  I will ask for, and welcome, constructive and useful feedback on my products and will usually send out a form for this at the end of each course or programme.

Unsolicited feedback on the general way I do things, look, live, eat and work is not welcomed. If you do not like the way I do things, that’s perfectly OK, but I probably don’t need to know about it.

I am here to support your creative journey in the best way I can.  Like most people, I do this better with clear boundaries. 
I like to work with people who understand that creative freedom actually thrives within a clear structure, using rules to create a safe space to explore and play.  Whilst creative freedom and personal expression are my passions, I do have strong personal and professional boundaries, established through years of experience.
I will be polite and respectful to you, please be polite and respectful back!  
Putting my life, business and art in this public forum has opened me to some negativity and I have a very strict policy for dealing with this, so that I can keep showing up here and feel safe and happy about doing it.

Any rudeness, passive aggressive stuff, overly frequent contact, wildly inappropriate expectations on my time and energy are not OK.

If you have an issue with something I’ve done, please be aware that I regard public criticism as hostile behaviour and I neither do it, nor do I accept when it is done to me.   If you post anything negative or derogatory about me on any public forum, I will assume you do not want to work with me and remove you from my virtual and actual space, without refund if you are on a paid course at the time.

Terms Of Service for paid materials, groups & courses

1) Your password is yours and only yours. Do not share it. If you share it, you are, in effect, stealing the class and giving it away.  You may want to take a looky at my affiliate programme where you can make 50% commission on sales!

2) Your PDFs, audios and videos are yours alone unless I specifically say it’s OK to share.  See above.

3) Most of my eCourses and groups use Facebook groups to share and connect.

Please do read the group guidelines and stick to them.  I will generally give a gentle warning if I feel you are not sticking to the guidelines but in extreme or repeat cases I will remove people from the group if I feel they are ruining it for others.  If you have difficulty with the way the group is run, it might be best if you access your content via the course blog, and limit your interactions in the Facebook group.

4) I expect you to do the work

My eCourses, playshops and programmes work, this I know from the hundreds of people who have done them and told me so!  But, you have to actually do the exercises and engage with the materials.  Please do!

5) We will be staying on track, even if you don’t!

Resistance is a normal and expected part of the creative process and I will be expecting you to run up against it at some point.  My courses and materials all take this into account and there are things built into them to minimise the problems this may cause for you, but sometimes you may just get very stuck.

A common blockmonster I see is people joining a course and then behaving in a way which undermines their own success, and sometimes the progress of others in a group – often by not doing the work, resisting the challenges, going off on tangents or getting involved in personal tension, and many other things besides.

My teaching methods are honest, fair and frank and I like to stick to the point of why we are here, so please do put in the effort to keep yourself on track.

If all goes very pear shaped indeed for you, do not panic.  For most of my eCourses, you will be offered a free or discounted chance to join any future group journeys, subject to me running those of course!

6) I do not offer refunds

I create the best products I can and I know that they will be incredibly helpful to you in your creative life if you do the work.  They are also digital products which means you can download, keep and use them as many times as you want to.

I therefore cannot offer refunds on any of my stuff.  Once you have made a commitment to join in with one of my courses or programmes, the fee is non-refundable.




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