Momento Mori – at my new workspace!

After the last year of journeying through the dark well at the centre of Spiral – walking somebody right up to death, walking my beloved through the loss of his last parent, in the middle of winter, I feel very changed.

Going through this process has had me feeling a bit bewildered about what I’m going to be doing next. Priorities have been shifting and changing in the dark. It’s been quite uncomfortable.

In the stillness of grief, I’ve had space to reassess what I need to get my work out into the world before I (like we all must) have to make my own, non-return journey to that darkness.

(Nothing like watching somebody leave this life to focus you on what matters in your own!!)

Spring is starting to awaken what’s to come next – it feels good and scary at the same time.

One of the things I knew I needed was a space away from home and away from The Art House to birth my creative ideas into things I can share with the world.

So many ideas! All still in my brain which OMG is going to DIE. I need to get them OUT. Yeah?!

With all this going on in my head, it strikes me as apt – and rather hilarious – that I found my new workspace today.

In an old funeral chapel in the middle of a cemetery.  Yup.

The universe has a sense of humour!

Life from death. Creation in the middle of destruction. That’s how it works. That’s as it should be.

Here it is – the new JourneySpiral HQ (well not all of it – just a little corner in there) in Southampton Old cemetery.  Mine as soon as I pay the first month’s rent.

You can even write me snail mail there – The Design Chapel, Cemetery Road, Southampton, Hampshire, England SO15 7NN

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