Musings on my most viral post

Well, 21,500 people read my Mother’s Day post yesterday, bringing the total since I wrote it to nearly 100,000. I’ve had lots of lovely feedback (and a tiny smattering of the requisite trolls of course) – feedback including a woman who read it, decided she really did want to be a Mother and now has a baby! 

Unexpected consequence, eh! 

 I’m very moved by how this thing I wrote in under 1 hour touched so many people so deeply. 

You never know which of your sharings will be important, you really don’t. You just have to create from the heart, from your true source, and put it out there. 

Part of me thinks it’s hilarious that I write all the time about what I *do* and it receives a lot less attention than this post about something I chose *not* to do!  

It does show that the topic of ‘not-Mothers’ is one people want to share about. It also shows, sadly, that what I do or don’t do with my body is still of more interest to the world than anything I’ll ever do with my mind. Such is the life of a woman on this planet and I’m just pleased I’m able to lead the discourse on this aspect of my life and physical self. It’s way past time that choosing not to Mother, or being physically unable to bear children, was put on the table as a legitimate experience for women. 

So anyway, I choose not to use my uterus and it’s of great interest – promoting Bik to quip ‘Do you have any other body parts you’re not using, which you can write about?’

Teehee. Look forward, people, to my upcoming ‘To all the vegetarians with wisdom teeth’ post 🙂

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