On Following the Butterflies and the results that can come….

A little posty to remind you that I am running a group journey of ‘Follow the Butterflies‘ starting on 1 June and to tell you a little bit about it 🙂 

Follow the Butterflies is for you if you want to truly integrate creativity into your life.  This isn’t just about art, but a whole way of being and living – a way that makes the everyday so much fun, and makes you realise you are a powerful co-creator of your own artistic experience.

You can register here and get a limited earlybird price of wonder until 30 April

Whether you consider yourself to be an artist or not (I believe we all are, see!) this course will take you on a  wonder-filled journey into your own way of being creative.

I like to measure the success of my courses in tangible results, and this is what people have been getting from Follow the Butterflies.  

Just this week we’ve put up work by Lisa Thorne, who finished the course in March, and she’s celebrating the launch of her website on the 1 May (watch this space as I shall be giving it a huge plug!). 

Many of the people on the course have reported back to me that they’ve found a new level of courage and confidence in their abilities as artists, and this is leading to more creativity, moving towards their dreams and living more fully and ‘out loud’.

All of this in a way which allows you to ebb and flow, fit in the rest of your life and avoid the dreaded overwhelm.  Like all of my online courses, you can work at your own pace, so that you move through the lessons in a way that suits your own personal journey.  I also allow time to catch up within the 8 weeks, there’s even a picnic break and a visit to the pub.

One of the lovely folks on the course, Cheryl Stevenson, who first connected with me by doing UnEarth your Creative Nature with me before moving on to Follow the Butterflies, said  that for her the course brought about a

“……………deep transformation is quite an amazing, amazing outcome and working with you facilitated that. I found my way home, not to “Being an Artist” but to knowing with confidence and joy about “Being The Artist Cheryl Stevenson is meant to be.”  

You can see some of the stunning artwork she has been creating here.

It makes me pretty happy to see these results, I can tell you!

Want to see what gorgeousness will come your way if you follow YOUR butterflies?  

Click here to register

It’s also been so inspiring to see the connections and support springing up in the private Facebook group – and the next course will have it’s very own.  I also believe in promoting your journey in any way I can by sharing your blogs, website, promotions and online shops whilst you are working with me.  All part of the service, fellow Butterfly Follower!

Finally, I’ve experimented with Live Streaming which means I can deliver a live session to you on the course, if you join us, with a chance to interact and ask questions (I like this bit as I get to meet you in real time!).

I really hope you decide to join us.  There is an early bird price at the moment, making this 8 week course very within reach for the tight of budget.   To add some spice, I am creating a ‘Time and Money eKit’ to address people’s two most common blockmonsters, which you will get FREE with the course if you register by the end of Sunday 21 April.  

Thanks for reading – have a lovely weekend 🙂 

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