On New Year’s resolutions

Enchanted note:

Today I’m seeing a lot of posts about making big changes – starting rigorous diets and exercises regimes, massive career breakthroughs and other large scale actions.

Now, this may be perfect for you.

Here’s my take on using this day to launch forward with great energy.

January is a time of dark, rest and quiet.

I live, as much as possible, in tune with the seasons.  My body has evolved over a long time to live with the European climate – with four distinct and very different times of year.

Whilst our culture forces us into huge action here in the middle of winter, I find this doesn’t work for me.

Even with my attempts to live more in harmony with natural cycles, I inevitably get ill this time of year.  I take this as my body trying to tell me to slow down.  To rest.  To look inward at this dark time.

The dark is where seeds germinate, sometimes for a long time.

You can’t rush this process.

Whilst it’s less ‘WOW’ and rewarding, this germination stage, it’s also essential to sustainable growth.

So, by all means use the start of a new calendar year to reflect on what’s been.

Here’s something to try:

Set intentions and remind you which direction you’d like to go.  The cold weather is great journalling time, also a lovely time for short, reflective walks.

Use journalling, walking and sitting by the fireside to dream your future into being.

But give these things time to germinate in the dark.

Use the cold, silent stillness to plan goals and to dream – but be kind to yourself.  It isn’t a time for a huge energetic push!

New Year is a great time to let go of the old, and start to think of the new – but wait for the first stirrings of Spring to begin the work in ernest, if you want to have a strong and bountiful harvest.

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