On planets in retrograde, and all the other thieves of power

As always, when apparent retrograde motion starts, I see a lot of people becoming quite worried, or placing the blame for things which are going wrong in their lives on this phenomenon (which is a really cool thing by the way and is explained here).  Now, I don’t follow astrology or hold any faith in it, but I’m not about to go around telling people what they can and can’t believe influences them.

IMG_4322.JPGWhat I can say is that most things, near or far, real or supernatural, does not have as much power over you as you think.

Outside of direct and extreme physical things like serious illness, injury or threat, there’s something much more powerful at play here.  YOU.

Blame optical illusions in the planetary realm, if you must, with influencing your feelings, experiences and behaviour.  By all means, do! 

You can also blame money, family, where you live, your job …. I could go on.

I tell you, dear one, that the best way to live a full life is to realise that things outside of you are not truly powerful. You are powerful.  

We waste that power believing we need things outside ourselves to be ‘perfect’ in order to be happy. We waste it trying to control the many factors in life we have no control over.

We cannot control our health, loved ones, material possessions or what other people think of us. Think about it. How much energy do we spend trying?

Here’s the thing. 

Other people may touch something in you, which feels like they ’caused’ a reaction and leads to the illusion that they can also ‘fix’ what you are feeling. They can’t.

Material possessions can’t, either – but you know that already! 

If having all the right ‘stuff’ made us happy, why are we in the West less happy than people in other parts of the world who have far less than us?
Accept how little control you have on your outside world and body, just let it go – then step into the gorgeous realisation of what you can control.

You can control:

How you think about everything around you.

What you think about.

How you act and react. 

That’s pretty much it. Yup. Oh wait ..

In some cases you can also choose what you wish to walk towards or walk away from. 

This is your superpower. Seriously.

This is your superpower. Seriously.

This last one is probably your biggest source of power – how often do you use it?

You have unlimited control over your inner world. You reign supreme over YOU.  

Here’s how you take this control, the only control you have.

Get to know yourself and understand what makes you tick.

Clue: it’s not planets in the sky, or otherworldly forces, other people or your circumstances. 


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