Personal update:  The summer and the C word

It’s time for a little personal update.  As you can see from this rather unglam selfie, I am pretty tired at the moment.  A combination of caring for Bik’s Dad (and Bik), staff at The Art House being away on hols and just the general ‘life stuff’ means I really could use a break.  Sadly, a break isn’t on the cards as our Autumn programme needs planning and before we know it, we’ll be there and running all the lovely events we have planned.

As always for me a desire to remain positive and not be seen to be whining make it hard to state the fact that things are not easy at the moment.

I don’t want to throw a pity party or be invited to one – life is sometimes harder than other times, and I have so very much to be happy about, too!

At the same time, pretending everything is tickety-boo is inauthentic and silly.  It isn’t all roses and moonbeams.  

But it’s summer and there are really good bits, too.

Herb gathering walks are what this Summer is all about!

I’ve been taking time when I can to get outside, walk and gather herbs.  I’m adding so much to my knowledge of local, wild medicinal and edible plants and have been making tinctures, growing veggies and being very witchy indeed.

This return to my old interest of herbs and growing has been a true homecoming this summer.  All the time I can spend outside, I do, and it really helps.


We’ve also been making time to have fun with Bik’s Dad, who is going through palliative Chemo for pancreatic cancer at the moment.

The Chemo makes him really tired, but he’s stayed so positive and still spends time in his garden and on his allotment as much as possible.

I’m pretty sure the connection with growing things, which has been so healing for me, is also helping him hang in there.  Although tired and side-effecty from the many medicines he’s on (I joked with him yesterday that he could open a Pharmacy as a sideline), his disease is being kept under control for the moment, giving him this summer and hopefully lots more time with us.

Some of the spirals swirling all over our private Facebook group for the course!

A gorgeous thing to be doing this month has been leading my first ever online group trying out my new ‘JourneySpiral’ technique.  The group (about 50 people) are wonderful and watching them explore and discover this strategy for working creatively is wonderful.

I love leading online groups and do it in a very responsive, hands-on way.

This means the course has already expanded to an extra week and has gone in interesting and unexpected directions.  My teaching style, having worked for many years with adult learners, is very much about letting the group lead the course whilst I hold the space for that to happen.  It’s fair to say I learn as much from the group (if not more) than they do from me!

The next journey will start on the new moon in September and there are very limited earlybird places for it here.

A word on the Bik’s Dad’s cancer situation – first of all thanks so much for the kind messages and support!  Positive healing thoughts are so very welcome and appreciated.  We are staying positive and dealing with this challenge as many families do, by enjoying our time together.  Bik’s Dad has a good medical team and a great support network, all of whom are accessing all of the treatment options for him at the moment.  Please do not get in touch with any miracle cures, diets or other advice about cancer.  However well meant, this kind of advice is less helpful than you’d think, adding to the already overwhelming amount of new information we are dealing with – thanks!


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