Reclaim your Creativity


Welcome to the Reclaim your Creativity class!

First of all, download, view and print the Playbook here playbook cover book


(if you can’t do this, don’t worry – you can read the playbook on screen and create your own playsheets using paper & pens!), then, when you are ready, switch off all distractions and watch the videos!

Please join in the discussion on how the class was for you here on my Facebook page

Video 1 (13 minutes, with some pauses – take around 20 – 30 minutes to do this part of the class)

Any questions?  Want to share how this session was for you?  Please join the discussion thread on my Facebook page!

Video 2 (just under 5 minutes, with pauses for 3 playsheets – take about 15 minutes for this part of the class!)

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Video 3 

Please do pop over to the special discussion thread on my Facebook page to ask questions, tell me how the class went and share your thoughts, ideas and playsheets!