Reverb 12 – Day 6: What did you learn?

In 2012 I learnt….

…that it’s OK to make money doing things I love, that it’s fine to ask for abundance.  It’s still hard to type that though!

…that it’s OK to look after myself and treat myself to ‘luxuries’ as this makes me a better teacher, friend, partner and parront!

….that gratitude is the magic key to…… everything.

….that even a teacher (especially a teacher) needs teachers and support.

….that the things I’ve learnt along the way in my journey can really, really help other people too.

…that I can make the different aspects of my life sit next to each other harmoniously.

…that forgiveness really is totally magical and transformational.

…that I can be spiritual without believing in ‘the supernatural’.

…that spirituality allowed into the rest of life brings amazing authenticity to the things I do.

This post is part of Reverb 12 – a reflection on 2012 throughout the month of December.

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