Reverb 12 – How will you celebrate YOU this festive season?

Aha!  A great prompt 🙂

I celebrate me at this time of year with a bucketload of self-acceptance and caring for myself.  It means more time to rest, focus on regular meals and communicating my needs to people properly.

Oh, and I usually buy a new blanket!  Today a pink fleecy one with sleeves which is keeping me warm right now.

At this time of year I experience adverse effects from light deprivation, or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which means I turn from a very bouncy, unstoppable force of nature to somebody who needs a lot of sleep and still feels drowsy a lot of the time!  

Light boxes and spending time outside helps, as does admitting when I feel tired.

A bit like now, which is why I’m cutting this post short to enjoy some supper and a cosy night in!

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Reverb 12 – How will you celebrate YOU this festive season? — 1 Comment

  1. I hear you on the light issue. I have finally gotten a handle on it though and I know it is going to happen so I set up things to assist me. And meeting the challenge head on is way better than just reacting to it.