Reverb 12 – What was your dream destination?

This is an odd post, probably not like many will be.  I didn’t go anywhere exotic on holiday, as I haven’t for many years now.  In a lot of ways, my LIFE is my holiday and I feel little pull to spend too much time away from the community and the work I love.  I’m also on a no flight pledge so stay quite close to home when I do go away.

Actually, I don’t have a valid passport at the moment and haven’t felt the need to go too far afield for over 5 years. 

I’d dreamt of going to The Glastonbury Goddess Conference for years and this year I finally got to go.

It wasn’t quite what I’d expected – I don’t know WHAT I expected, if anything, but the experience was a surprise.

The conference has so many positives, plus quite a few flaws, but my intention isn’t to post some judgemental review of the work done to arrange the conference, or the people that participate.  My first learning from going was that nothing is perfect.

The people I met there, though I had little chance to get to know them whilst we were there, have been lovely new connections via social media and for them alone it was worth the trip.

I also was led to the lovely Clare Campbell and her Magic Mermaid retreat, which was a great break and time for connection and fun this year.

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