Ringing the Springtime Changes…… new things coming!

Springtime is the time I come out of the semi-hibernation of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder aka ‘The Winter Blues’) and often a good time to ring the changes.

1662041_748545855180021_1918630805_nThe Bubbling Well Creativity Circle was set up last October as a space for creative minds to meet online, learn, share ideas and get resources.  It has grown steadily, changed to suit the needs of members and I’ve added quite a few new resources to it over the past six months or so.

Until now, there has been a free basic membership option, and over 200 people have joined over the winter as basic members and there are over 50 Fireside members, too!

The ‘Fireside’ membership option, gives access to all my eCourses, including new ones which come up in the year of your membership.

I’ve been delighted to see the community grow and become more active, and want to do more with it this year.

Join free!The plan is to have a monthly theme or prompt, similar to the ‘Creative Being’ prompts I did last year for my mailing list, but a little more in depth, for all members.  This will give us all a chance to work together on shared themes and ideas, spark off each other, be inspired and have more of a focus.

Each month on the first Saturday, I will release goodies to support member’s creative journeys – from video tutorials to visualisations, playbooks and playsheets, projects and prompts.

I’m really excited about this!

To reflect the value this will give all members, I am closing the free basic membership to new members effective today.

In future, all new members will need to sign up for the ‘Fireside’ option (which gives access to ALL eCourses).

Alternatively, if you sign up for any of my eCourses, you will also get lifetime basic membership along with access to the classroom for your particular eCourse (also with lifetime membership, so you can do courses time and again if you need to) and access to the monthly prompts.

This answers a need I have had for more follow-up with people who do my eCourses, too, by giving you a continued community and new ideas and resources each month.

Now, let me answer some questions you may have:

1) Current basic members – as promised, your membership will always be free and so will not be affected and is yours as long as you are active in the community!  If a basic member who joined when it was free is inactive for 6 months or more, membership may be ended if necessary (Ning charge by number of members).

Continued free membership is also my way of thanking you for joining and believing in this community when it was still new!

2) Current Fireside members will continue as usual!

3) Anyone joining any of my eCourses from now on will immediately have membership to The Bubbling Well for the lifetime of the community.

4) The Creative Being Cafe Facebook group will, effective today, only be admitting new members who are also in The Bubbling Well, but all current members will remain in the group regardless of whether they are BW members or not – I don’t want to lose anyone who joined in the early days, my Beta tribe!



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