The Forge – Terms of Service

Terms Of Service for The Forge

1) The Forge is delivered primarily as a live creative business coaching circle, within a Facebook group space and live online sessions.  There is also a digital library which you will be able to access and use.  Additional bonus materials will be added in response to what the group needs and as I feel inspired!

2) All PDFs, audios and videos included in the package are yours alone unless I specifically say it’s OK to share.

3) About the Facebook group

This is the best way to get the most out of your membership and there are regular prompts to encourage you to check in by text and/or video.  It is ultimately up to you how you use the Facebook space, but I encourage you to engage  regularly to get the benefit!

Please do read the group guidelines and stick to them – they are quite simple and mostly common sense and courtesy.   Keeping the Facebook group a positive space where we support each other’s creativity and business is a top priority for me and I reserve the right to remove members if I feel they are disrupting the smooth running of the space – following gentle warnings and frank discussions, of course!

4) I expect you to do the work

The materials included in the package and the live online session will, if you engage with them, make a big difference to your creative business – but you do have to show up and implement!

It is expected that you are actively engaged in setting up or running a creative business in order to be a member and that you are fully committed to growing and strengthening your business.

Coaching programmes and online learning run the risk of being a classic procrastination tool used ‘instead of’ actually running your business.   I will gently and very kindly challenge any blockmonsters and self-sabotage in this and other areas so please be open to that!

5) You are guaranteed a minimum of 6 live sessions per year, usually more (I aim for 8) and regular contact with me in the Facebook group, as well as access to the exclusive ‘Forge’ library.

The live sessions are usually delivered via the ‘Linqto’ application which is quite simple to use and very reliable, but in rare cases sessions may need to be rescheduled if technical problems occur. Sessions may need to be postponed for personal reasons, too, but this will only be done if unavoidable and in the event of any postponement, as much notice will be given as possible.

The group ‘breaks’ for 12 days over Midwinter and for one month in summer (usually July), we also may take short breaks during the year when it seems necessary, or if I become unavailable for short periods of time.  You are still welcome to post in the group during breaks, of course!

6) Live sessions will be arranged at times which suit the majority of the group (and me!).  If possible, sessions will be recorded – be aware that, in order to keep the membership price affordable I do not use expensive webinar software, so recordings are not always technically possible.  It may also sometimes feel inappropriate to record the ‘circle time’ at the end of the session if people want to share more personal information.

7) I do not offer refunds

I pour a great deal of energy into The Forge and into the materials I create for the group.  Once you have made a commitment to join The Forge, the fee is non-refundable unless I fail to deliver the live sessions and regular check-ins as promised.

8) By taking the monthly payment option I take it in trust that you will pay the fee for the full year.  Please do keep an eye on your Paypal account to ensure repeat payments go through, as I may need to cancel your membership if payment failure is a regular thing!  If you are on an annual recurring payment please do make a note of your payment date, so that you can be ready for it next year.  If you do not wish to set up an annual recurring payment, please let me know.