Things I suck at

I am hyper aware that when I blog, I may show my good side – even though I have talked about my imperfections and do have a fairly regular uncensored rant on here….

This post was inspired by the delectable Danielle LaPorte

She says:-

“When we put our weaknesses in plain language and clear view, we can see where we need to become more conscious, and how our so called “shortcomings” point to our true strengths.”

She invites us to list what we suck at! This feels so liberating 


Staying calm: except in the most serious of situations, when I inexplicably turn into super calm person….. the rest of the time I freak out way too quickly in a minor crisis. Especially at computers! Over-reaction QUEEN. There is usually shouting. It isn’t pretty.

Doing any domestic job which has several stages: I get distracted easily by more interesting stuff. Pots boil over. Washing gets left in the machine for days. Limescale remover forms hard layer over actual limescale.

DIY: In my case it is GAM/WI (Get A Man/Woman In – somebody who can do it, cos I can’t and won’t!)

Dealing with several situations at once: sod that women-can-multitask malarky, I work far better when focussed and freak out (see point 1) when several people come at me with different questions or tasks.

Remembering names: Sweet lady, I can’t do it.

Shoe shopping: would rather be dragged over hot coals. Not much good at shopping of any kind, come to think of it. Can’t shop/won’t shop. Don’t make me!

Driving: Not going to happen. I would kill somebody, seriously. Trust me on this.

Cooking meat/fish: tried it about twice since going veggie, can’t taste the food, can’t cook the food. If you want that stuffs, you gots to cook it yourself m’kay? I won’t judge, just don’t make me cook it – or eat it!

Drinking more than 2 glasses of wine: hangover city. Horrible.

Meditation: This isn’t strictly true, in that I love it and do it, but I do think I suck at it!

Making things out of clay: no can do. Have tried. Not happening!

royal kwafee


Mornings without a mug of something:  tea, coffee, even hot water with lemon, I have to have something hot inside me to face the day…  😉

Making my hair look remotely tidy: Um, no.

Making nails looked all polished and proper: similar to the DIY, it’s a case of CAM (call a manicurist).

Being sophisticated: not even worth trying, not going to happen.

Not getting glitter on things: PLEASE! Why would I want to avoid getting glitter on things? It is my superpower……..



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  1. Oh, I have a pic of your hair looking fabulous – admit it happened once and I won’t post the pic! *wicked smile*