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“I relate to everything, feeling like a child again, very,very exciting to be finding my creative self that’s been dormant for so long.”  (Christine)

Sometimes we all feel that our creative selves have been buried beneath a mound of responsibilities, stress, boredom and other real life stuff. It may even feel like you’ve lost your ability to create altogether – but fear not!  I’ve been teaching art to all ages and backgrounds for over 10 years, and I’ve found plenty of tips, tricks and exercises to unearth your creative nature.

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This FREE 21 day eCourse comes in three sections, which are emailed to you once a week. 

It is a complete course, designed to help you start your creative journey with me.  

The community and this eCourse are suitable for aspiring or lapsed visual artists, writers, poets, musicians, photographers…. and anyone who wants to bring more creativity into their daily life.

“I recommend it with my heart because it has helped me open my eyes again, and not only about my creativity, but life in general” (Carla)

“……I have found a voice inside me. A voice I have come to recognise as that of a friend. A voice who sits there and holds my hand at 3am when I have a “great idea for a doodle” or a “let’s knit something crazy”.  She knows my faults, she has lived with them in her secret castle for the past 28 years. She is the one who has been posting my work in the group. She is the one who named me “Artist”………” (Extract from a post on ‘The Changeling Within’ blog about the course)

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The 21 day eCourse comes in three sections, which are emailed to you once a week and include:-

– Eight video tutorials

– 20 pages of exercises, tips and printable worksheets

– 9 emails over the 3 weeks of the course 

– A private forum at The Bubbling Well, for sharing your work & connecting with other creative folks

All of it is a lot of fun, too!

This e-course is FREE, all you have to do is sign up for your (also free) basic membership at The Bubbling Well and register for the next group journey – or start anytime.

Gosh, is there a catch, I hear you ask?

I created The Bubbling Well and this eCourse to share as widely as possible, because UnEarthing Creativity is my passion in life.  

I pinky-swear promise there’s no spammy hard selling included, just a chance to develop your creativity and get to know me and my teaching methods in the process.

You are able to choose which emails you get from the online community very simply, and you can leave if you want to – no problem.  I will never share your details with anyone else, either.

So, I reckon there’s really is no reason not to sign up now.

UnEarth your Creative Nature is a complete course, not just a teaser like many free products (don’t you just hate that!).  The full course can also be downloaded for you to keep, so you won’t get a time limit or be asked to buy the downloads. 

It’s also a chance to make many new creative friends in the Facebook group, if you choose to. 

Here are some of the things people have said about the course

“I found working with you a real pleasure. You have been supportive and encouraging, and very glittery! I can’t recommend the course highly enough. I’ve learned a lot about my creativity and how to work my way through difficulties. I’m already looking forward to the next course with you.” (Linda)

“I have really enjoyed the course and will carry its lessons and inspirations with me. I am a shy person who suffers from mental illness which means learning in a classroom or being face to face with new people is hard so this was great for me and helped me feel part of something with others. Thank you!” (Charlotte)

“I love that there is not presure and its greatly inspiring me as now my no time is transformed in that those few minutes that I thought weren’t nothing are just what I need” (Ingrid)

“It is like you have helped me open a huge door into play. I have been an artist for many, many years, taught classes everywhere, been in galleries and even had a book published, but through it all I have YEARNED to be incorporating or creating MY OWN STUFF and never could get past the “fine art programming” about drawing.” (Cheryl)

“……….you gave me plenty to work on and work through and I am officially unstuck…BIG Thank YOU!!” (Lori)“The weekly emails are so well written, you can’t help but be inspired.  Backed up by with support on the Facebook page, especially created to support the course – it’s been quite wonderful.” (Jan)

“……love it that it isn’t a chore and I’m moving beyond needing to “be perfect” and I can just “be”.. I’m way relaxed with it which is freeing!! 

My life is changing around me because I’m free!” (Sharon)

“It wasn’t easy to decide on what I do that is creative but by watching your down to earth and amusing videos I realise I need to keep it simple. Week 1 – I am feeling excited.” (Sue)

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