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Welcome to Jani’s free video mini-playshop page! Here you will find a host of mini tutorials to support your creative journey.

Grab a cup of something and join in!

The Myth of the Slump – a short tutorial on why not to panic when you have a period with Absolutely No Creative Ideas.

Do it, mess it up, come back to it!  My fail safe technique for roaring success!

On multi-tasking – my thoughts on doing many things at once

The cost of PAINT!  Debunking the ‘not enough money for materials’ myth.

How to cope with the wobbles after a period of growth!

Snow Day tutorial on Creative Fears – a warning on what can happen if you act on groundless fears.

The importance of research & thinking time

How to be creative – ALL of the time!

Three part series on Your Inner Artist

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Free video playshops — 2 Comments

  1. I have to say that I have taken my camera and tryied to film myself after watching your shots:-) it was of course bad (ddd ;-)), but i will have to return bact to it 🙂 i am (for the first time in my life) – (thanks to you and the right time) starting to make research on all the possibilities on how to help myself to bridge this times inbetween being actively creative… and your tutorials got me moving! i guess a big lot what i need and look for around is support and hope, hope that i really can make it and a big help with comforting my fears :-))) thank you, Jani… will be seeing you again soon 🙂

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