What you will get on Blooming Creative

This is what you will get on the programme

– Four in-depth video tutorials and playbooks to guide you through each stage.
– Regular audio “seeds” and emails from Jani, to keep you on track.
– A private Facebook group where you can meet others on the same journey and ask for advice.

– Regular group ‘check ins’ on the Facebook group for feedback and accountability (with tea!) at different times of the day & week, so everyone can make some.
– A monthly live online playshop/meetup OR an in-person session at The Art House, depending on your location, plus recordings of all of these sessions (including the in-person ones) in case you miss anything.

(* the in-person sessions will have a small fee of £5, to cover use of the space. This will include tea!) 

– 3 interviews with ‘working artists’ who are already doing this Biz thang, to access real life advice from people who are doing it already. You will help to draft the questions for these interviews, too!
– Real support in the form of Jani plugging your stuff via her own Facebook page, website, mailing list and Twitter!
– The feeling that somebody is truly cheerleading you into your dream of earning a living from doing what you love. I will be!
Plus, some BONUS treats for you
– Creative Time and Money eKits (£40 value). Practical goodies to help with the journey!

– An extra ‘composting month’ to carry on in the group, ask questions and check in.
– Meditations you can use again and again to support you.
– A ‘ReTrEAt Kit’ to make sure you keep up self care and fun time (£22 value)

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