What’s been happening with me…..

The feet!

It’s been a while since I blogged, and I felt it was time to end the radio silence! 

If you’re following me on Facebook, you’ll have an idea that something has happened within my family that has taken a little while to get accustomed to. 

Now, I know a lot of bloggers who share in real time as they go through life’s challenges, and I admire and respect them for it – but I’m a person who needs a little private space to adjust and process before I go public, and that’ where I’ve been for the past couple of months.

If you’re linked with me on Facebook, you’ll already know about ‘the feet’ and our recent visits to the oncology ward. 

The feet belong to Bik’s Dad, and he has inoperable cancer for which he’s now getting chemo under our fabulous NHS.  

It’s been a time of shock, and a time of changing our routine as we make sure we’re there not only to support him, but to enjoy time together. 

I’ve reconnected with my love of gardening and am learning from his vast experience of growing things in his garden and allotment.   

He’s remarkably positive and, aside from the cancer, in good health, and Bik and I are OK.  Life has these things in it, and whilst I don’t subscribe to the notion that they are ‘gifts’ (cancer is too sucky to be a gift!) they do hold gifts within them, and they change us, and open us up.

We’ve been making a lot of time to do things that nourish us, and delegating a lot of our workload, and prioritising like mad.

Some boundaries I’d like to set around this sharing, please!

I am blogging this as part of my life experience and because I think sharing and telling our stories is important.  I am not about to turn into a ‘cancer blogger’ and wish, here and in the rest of my life, to continue as much as possible with my usual interests. 

We have an excellent support network of friends and family around us, so I’m not sharing as a cry for help, please don’t worry about me!  Honestly  I would prefer not to have a pity party about it, so please don’t feel the urge to react any differently to normal. 

Also, K has an excellent medical team who know the specifics of his case and are advising on treatment, side effects etc and we’re of course doing our own research.

We don’t need or want medical advice, however well meant, so please don’t give it!   There is a lot of helpful stuff out there about cancer, but there is a lot of nonsense, too, and it can be confusing and upsetting to be bombarded with tips.

So, anyway. 

 I haven’t forgotten all of you, and there is a new programme in the offing, a much more ongoing and guided journey with live elements, coming very soon – watch this space!  Whilst I’ve really enjoyed both making and taking eCourses, I’ve had some thoughts about how to work together as a group on our creativity and life’s journeys longer term. 

I’ll be announcing very soon what’s to come and of course, if you are a Fireside member at The Bubbling Well, it will all be included in your subscription.

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