Why I prefer my feet on the ground and my head in the arts

The area of self help and self development is an area that is growing all the time and, I believe, a very useful one.

Learning how to be fulfilled and happy is a sensible thing to do – we learn how to drive cars, cook, write and so many things, so why not study how to live a better life?   Makes total sense to me.  

Whilst many people may seem wary or shy around self help, there are some fabulous resources out there which I truly believe can support all of us into a happier and more useful life.

One thing about it bothers me.

The insistence on the ‘spiritual’ and supernatural.  Pretty much every single self help speaker and teacher I admire will, eventually, venture into the world of the otherwordly.  This takes the form of referring to religious dogma, an afterlife, the presence of dead people, angels or ‘guides’.

Now, I know the word ‘spiritual’ means a lot of things to different people.  I’m not talking about having a problem with connecting with the idea of an eternal life force inside us, or seeing a bigger picture, or viewing ourselves as part of a cosmic whole.

I am down with all of that in a big way.

I also get that other people believe in all sorts of things, and I totally respect their right to do that.  I don’t subscribe to the school of thought that those who believe in the supernatural are deluded or stupid in some way.

Other dimensions, beings, spirits and an afterlife may well exist.  The movement of stars may influence how we feel (though I struggle to see how) and our thoughts certainly do seem to influence reality, though whether this is  supernatural or just beyond our understanding is a matter for debate.

When it comes to living a good, authentic, fulfilled life, I believe we have plenty of resources right here in front of us which can support this journey.  Morality and truth do not, I believe, require any unexplained phemonena to exist.  They exist within us.

Questioning and healthy scepticism are, to me 

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