Why your inner critics are right

They are, you know.

In fact, I recommend spending a good hour each morning in severe self-criticism, just so that you can listen to their valuable advice.

The best technique for this is, before you put on makeup or brush your hair, get in front of that mirror.  Look yourself in the eye and let your inner critics have a field day – telling you how useless, ugly, untalented, ordinary and what a colossal waste of space you are.

Here I am, doing my daily practice of self criticism.  As you can see, it has a great effect on my overall level of attractiveness.

Be sure not to write down, or in any way externalise, what they say.  That stuff is much better kept inside of you (besides, think of the shame if somebody should ever read it!).

Because, obviously, it’s only you that has these negative thoughts about yourself – and what’s more, these inner critics are right.  Whatever those who admire you may think, it’s the Blockmonsters that know the truth about you. 

In fact, calling them ‘Blockmonsters’, is very unfair.

They are darn tootin’ useful little things.

They’ll stop you from making silly mistakes like thinking you can achieve creative dreams, leave that job you don’t like, learn a new art form, connect with new social groups and (heaven forbid) make a living doing something you love.

Once you have completed your session, you should feel sufficiently cut down to size to go out and have a most ordinary day.  A day in which you avoid doing anything silly, which may draw attention to yourself.  A perfectly normal, acceptable, bumbling-along sort of a day.

Which is exactly the sort of day you want, really.


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    1. loved it! and right you are:-) I am going to invite them busters to say what they have to say right now..:-)