I won a B-School Scholarship!

You may have heard of Marie Forleo, who runs this thang called ‘B-School’ – an online business course and group for entrepreneurs who are changing the world.

Over the last few years, finding online teachers like Marie has made a huge difference to me:  until I found the world of online learning, I was co-running a growing business with very little advice or support.

art house monageMost business courses and advisors just don’t ‘GET’ what we are doing at The Art House.

We’re about the mission, but we’re also about making the money to pay for the mission.

No funding, no handouts – we run on a business model, but put all the money we make back in.  All the while, we are led by our aims – the money never trumps the aims.

I believe passionately that, if at all possible, community facilities should be funded and run by the community who use them.

It gives you the power to do things your way, not jump through funder’s hoops.

It means that when funders hit lean times (as so many have recently), you don’t suddenly have the rug pulled out from under you.

Most of all, I was fascinated by the idea of recycling existing business models to run in a new, socially conscious, environmentally sound way.

So, for a few years now I’ve been watching Marie TV and learning more about business from somebody who ‘got’ the way I like to do business – from the heart, with passion and integrity.

B-School is one of the top online programmes in the world and it’s priced accordingly.

Although I knew it would help our business infinitely more than the cash investment (all the learning I’ve done so far has returned 1000% on investment – seriously), we were a little strapped for the fee…. and it felt weird to have The Art House pay for me to do it.

So, Bik grabbed the camera and I made a little video about what we do, and entered it along with over 2000 other amazing people for a scholarship.

I found doing the video challenging, my blockmonsters threw up some serious resistance – because blockmonsters tell you if you don’t try, you can’t fail.

As we were filming I had this overwhelming feeling that the resistance I was experiencing was a sign that this was totally, utterly something I had to do.

So, I had a cup of tea, pulled my shizzle together and made the video – and Bik edited it for me, because Bik is awesome.

Then, I told myself I was going to do this course, no matter what happened.  If I didn’t get the scholarship, I would figure out another way.

Then, I let it go.

Last night, I was redesigning my website header so missed the first few messages and tags on Facebook telling me….


Here’s a few things I know:

1) I was a winner the second I broke through that resistance and made the video, even though it freaked me out.

2) Every person who entered, won the second they made and shared their videos – and they will all make it, one way or another.  Once you’ve taken that first step and believed in your ability to grow, there’s no going back.

3) This is just the start:  any programme requires you to set the time aside, do the work, accept the challenges and IMPLEMENT!  No programme works unless you do.

4) I’m going to do all of the above.  The Art House is a wonderful place already, and this learning can only make it better, and better.

I will keep you posted on my progress!



I won a B-School Scholarship! — 7 Comments

  1. Congratulations Jani. I know that you will make the most of all the opportunities that this scholarship brings to you. Loving the dancing. Great foot work Bik!

  2. Way to go Jani! Congrats & celebrations! You deserve the scholarship. I hope to one day be as inspiring as you are…..