You protested! What now?

Protest is good, I’ve always done it, but don’t head home from a protest thinking you have done the work. It’s just the start! The real work is way less fun (but you can do most of it inside in short bursts – and you don’t have to do all of these!):

– Write to, phone, Tweet and meet with your MP and local Council representatives.
– Join a political party and be an active member.
– Join a Union.
– Join local campaign groups for issues you believe in.
– Get in some mailing lists to be alerted of campaigns and petitions: I recommend Avaaz
– Identify something you are good at and enjoy doing, and a cause you can do it for: bake for meetings, fundraise using your skills, create art about resistance, offer massages to activists and organisers, hold women’s circles, drum circles, talking circles, make good tea for people as they work, lend your admin skills.
– Speak to your friends and family about the issues, even when it’s hard to do. You don’t have to be aggressive, in fact to start with I’d recommend more listening than talking.
– Ditto work colleagues. Don’t be silent!
– Study: read about effective communication, read books by people of colour, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ people ….. learn what the world looks like from different perspectives.
– Follow folks who speak out on social media, learn from them, support and encourage them.
– Post on social media yourself. It doesn’t have to be constant: set a level you are comfortable with and decide your boundaries about dealing with comments.

You don’t have to do all of the above, pick a few. However I do recommend these two for everyone who can:

– Register to vote!
– Vote! Or spoil your ballot if you don’t like any of the candidates (spoilt ballots send a clearer message than no-shows).

And I recommend this one for everyone:

– Self care, self care, self care. Burnt out wrecks are less effective campaigners. You don’t have to be suffering and exhausted to make a difference!

Happy activism dearies! Love and solidarity!

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