You think you can’t make a living from your art

You think that some art forms are ‘sellable’ and some just aren’t.

I thought this for years myself!

 You are so wrong. I once saw a woman made her living balancing crystal wine glasses on a tray balanced on a stick she held in her mouth. She toured the planet doing this.   Balancing glasses, on a tray, on a stick, in her mouth.

I love that I live in a world where this is possible.  It’s possible not for all humans on the planet – some people really don’t get much in the way of options – but so many of us do.  If you’re sitting at a computer or holding your smartphone reading this, chances are you have plenty of options, just as I have.

If she can do that, you can make a living doing what you love.

When you say ‘I can’t make my living from my art’ what you really mean is you WON’T.

You won’t do the inner work required to be an artist.

You won’t put in the hours of practice needed.

You won’t face your money, marketing and business demons (it’s easier to tell yourself the lie that selling your art and selling out are the same thing. They aren’t.).

You won’t get to know other people who’ve already done it so you can see what’s possible.

You won’t give up some comforts for a time whilst your income transitions.

Most of all: You won’t make art a top priority in your life. You believe them when they tell you it’s just a hobby, an indulgent one at that, not a proper job.

Remember the lady with the tray of glasses?  

Can you imagine what her family had to say?

Can you imagine she knew anyone else what was paid to do what she loved doing?

It turns out crystal balancing is actually ‘a Thing’ which means other people do it too!  It’s a tradition!

Did the first person who ever did it imagine it could be their livelihood? 

I doubt it.
You creative dreams need you to step into them. Be brave. 

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